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Junior European Open 2017 (JEO 2017) - Tag 1

  • 14.07.2017
  • Herchesfeld, L-3206 Roeser-Crauthem
The number of competitors is limited to approximately 530 teams, of which a maximum of 230 may be in the category "Large" and in S and M each 150 dogs.
No more than 43% of registered teams may be in the category "Large", 28,5% in M and 28,5% in S.
The Team competition (mixed Children and Juniors) is held in the categories Large, Small and Medium. The teams in all three categories Large, Medium and Small consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 handler and dog teams.
More infos: http://www.jeo2017.jimdo.com/
Entry fee: 30€ for Team and individual
20€ only individual or only Team
Bank Accounts : BIC-CODE CCPLLULL IBAN LU661111038998040000 or BIC-CODE BGLLULL IBAN LU180030031634460000

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Richter und Helfer

  • Agilityrichter

    Renan Andrade Campos

    br  Brasilien

    Jumping Team Small

  • Agilityrichter

    Romain Stein

    lu  Luxemburg

  • Agilityrichter

    Martin Eberle

    ch  Schweiz

    Jumping Team Medium

  • Agilityrichter

    Harald Schjelderup

    no  Norwegen

    Jumping Team Large

Junior European Open 2017 (JEO 2017) - Tag 1
Herchesfeld, L-3206 Roeser-Crauthem