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Epeiros Water Cup 2019

  • 14.09.2019
  • Slnečné jazerá, 90301 Slnečné jazerá Sever, Senec

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Dear Friends, Landseer klub will organize the unique weekend Epeiros Cup 2019 with friends from other clubs at Sunny Lakes in Senec, Slovakia again. There ´re plenty of activities and events planned during the weekend. All informations about educational event, gala dinner and additional activities are published at webpage Listed are events directly connected to the landseer breed: 14.SEPT 2019 Epeiros Water CUP For the very first time, the water works trials will be organized for the landseer breed and other mollosian breeds in Slovakia! Invitation to judge the trials has been accepted by the recognised judge Walter Wehler from Germany, the Chief of the NWAG WW e.v.. Trials will be ongoing under the DVG order, grade A . In case your dog has grade A trial, you´re able to enter grade B or C trial. Friday 13.09.2019, there is an opportunity to train your dog directly at place 😊 15. SEPT 2019 Epeiros Winner Specialty with awarding CAC,CAJC,BOS and BOB will be judged by Mrs. Suncica Lazic from Serbia. It´s unique chance to show your dog under the judge not common presented in our countries 😊 Don´t forget, Epeiros Winner and Epeiros Junior Winner titles are achievable only once per 2 years period! Online entry will be open after event opening at immediately. EPEIROS UNIVERSAL WINNER The competition of the best dog is open again! Your dog can achieve score based on result from trials, social tests or show. The most succesful dog will be awarded with the Epeiros Universal title. Reminder – the BIS 3 Epeiros Universal was awarded to the Baxley landseer – ICh. Little Hope des Pandas des Terres Rouges 😊 Lookig for accomodation? The hotel Zatoka is fully pre-booked for us, in case of interest, let us know at ASAP.

  • Timezone: Europe/Bratislava
  • Registration opening: 12.07.2019 00:00:00
  • Closing date: 10.08.2019 23:59:59
  • 2. Closing date: 30.08.2019 23:59:59
  • Number of participants: 20
  • Discipline: Water-Diplome
  • Organizing club: Landseer klub Slovakia
  • Address: Slnečné jazerá, 90301 Slnečné jazerá Sever, Senec
  • Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog, Landseer, Leonberger, Newfoundland
  • Homepage:

Information entry fee

Poplatok 10 € za skúšku sa platí priamo na mieste akcie. Entry fee 10 € paid directly at place.

Entry fee

Club chairman

Zita Kerak Lukacova


Trial chairman

Zita Kerak Lukacova

judges and helpers

  • Judge (sport)

    Koen Vanlanduyt

    be  Belgium

    Water-Diplom A, Water-Diplom B, Water-Diplom C

Epeiros Water Cup 2019 14.09.2019
Slnečné jazerá, 90301 Slnečné jazerá Sever, Senec