30.04. - 01.05.2016

Irish National IPO Trial 2016

Rassen: Deutscher Schäferhund

Entries close Saturday April 16, 2016

Helpers: Martin McMenamin (OG Templepatrick)

Brian Reidy (OG Waterside)

Tracklayer: Brian Simpson (OG Waterside)

GSA Ireland and OG Templepatrick would like to thank Chimney Corner FC for their generous agreement to host phases B and C of the Irish National IPO Trial/WUSV Qualifier 2016 at their fantastic grounds in Antrim on Sunday May 1.
Also to the landowners who are providing tracking grounds on Saturday April 30 in County Down.

Dr Clauders
King K9

B&C phases at Chimney Corner FC

Catering on Sunday will be provided by Roaming Stove and there will be photography by Eddie Brackenridge.
Don't miss out on a great weekend of dog sport!

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