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The FCI member associations (NCO) can register their teams (4 starters each and 1 substitute starter per category heelwork and freestyle) via the "Caniva" reporting system. To do so, please send to the email address bremer.christa@t-online.de a) Who will be the team leader of your team b) Confirm that all team members are affiliated to the NCO c) Tell your team leader, that he/she has to inscribe the own dates as team leader before he/she can inscribe the team members. In addition, the photos of the participants and the complete FCI approved pedigree of the dogs are to be uploaded in the reporting system. Without these documents no start authorization will be granted.

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not deposited

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Bremer, Christa



Trial chairman

Schmid, Carmen


judges and helpers

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    Sonja Scheurer

    de  Germany

  • Judge

    Esther Niemejer

    nl  Netherlands

  • Judge

    Heather Smith

    gb  Great Britain

FCI Dog Dance Weltmeisterschaft 09. - 10.11.2017
, Leipzig