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WUBOX IFH International Championship

  • 12. - 14.11.2021
  • Joisingweg 5, 3264 Gresten

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due to the high number of starters, we have to start the event already on Thursday, November 11th, 2021. (training track, checking tracking line, veterinary check, drawing, opening ceremony etc.)

On Friday, November 12th, 2021, the first tracks in the respective competition classes will have to be worked out.

As far as we know today, this event can be held in compliance with the 3-G-rules* (vaccinated-tested-recovered) with the required certificate of the dog handlers, team leaders, accompanying persons and visitors. The certificate must be carried with you. Registration is mandatory.

In Austria, the possession and use of electric stimulators, E-devices, devices for electro shocks, prong collars, spiked collars and any other means of coercion are prohibited by law! Violations lead to disqualification!

Unauthorized entry into meadows and fields

In Austria, entering meadows and fields to lay or work out a track is not permitted. To do this, you need the consent of the landowner, farmer or lessee and the hunting supervisor. Non-Observance leads to a prperty damage lawsiut!

Competition area / restricted area

In the area of Gresten and the surrounding villages (within a 15 km radius) there is an absolute ban on tracking training! Non-observance will result in disqualification and leads to a property damage lawsuit!

Leash compulsory / dog droppings:

On the grounds and around the grounds of the dog school as well as in the tracking area, leashes are mandatory without exception. Likewise, dog waste and other rubbish must always be disposed of in the garbage can.


In this context we refer to the general obligation to keep a leash in Austria!

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€40.00 valid from 2. registered dog

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WUBOX IFH International Championship 12. - 14.11.2021
Joisingweg 5, 3264 Gresten