13. - 14.05.2017

Spring 2017 IPO Trial/ Conformation Show and Breed Survey

  • Zeitzone: Europe/Berlin
  • Datum: 13. - 14.05.2017, GMT+02:00
  • Meldebeginn: 25.03.2017 01:00:00, GMT+01:00
  • Meldeschluss: 24.04.2017 20:00:00, GMT+02:00
  • 2. Meldeschluss: 01.05.2017 23:30:00, GMT+02:00
  • Startplätze: 200
  • Disziplin: IPO, Zuchtzulassung
  • Ausrichter: Scarborough Select German Shepherd Schutzhund Club
  • Adresse: Ninth Line,, L6B 1A8 Markham
  • E-Mail: frankcaputo@bell.net
  • Homepage: http://SSGSSC.com
Rassen: alle Rassen
Be sure you include copies of the following documents for your dog:
(I) Proof of Registration (All) (II) Four Generation Pedigree (Show, Breed Survey)
(III) Scorebook (Trial, Working Class and Breed Survey Show)
(IV) Copy of original Breed survey (Breed Survey Show) (v) Show evaluation card (Breed Survey)
(VI)Vaccination Certificate (All) (VII) GSSCC # (ALL)
All Original papers must be shown at time of registration.
After Registering your dog*s), please pay using the following link https://form.jotformpro.com/DogSportForms/SSGSSC2017

Information Meldegebühr


Richter und Helfer

  • Leistungsrichter

    Edgar Pertl

    at  Österreich

  • Schutzdiensthelfer

    John Bonello

  • Schutzdiensthelfer

    Brent Alvey